Raglan is a little town on the Bruce Highway located between Rockhampton and Gladstone in Central Queensland, Australia. Not many people think twice about it other than another road sign and the local Tavern they see when travelling past it. Slowly the secret is getting out there, that once a year on the 4th weekend in May, “The Old Station Flying Club” hosts a very popular Fly-In Airshow. It is held on the Creed family Cattle Station approximately 12km off the highway just south of Raglan with an unsealed 2000m x 18m wide airstrip . “The Old Station Fly In & Heritage Show” as it is now known as, brings people from all over the region for the 2 day event which is growing rapidly in size each year, in terms of the people attending and displays held.

Some of the things one might see when visiting would be of course the vast amount of different aircraft – some providing joy flights and aerial displays or for just going up for a circuit or two. Types of aircraft that have previously visited were that of ex military warbirds, military, GA light aircraft including ultralight, home-built, helicopters and also the high performance racing aerobatic type! Aviation is not the only thing you will see here at Old Station, there are things for the who family to experience, for example….the Heritage and Competition Tractor Pulling, Judged Truck show, Vintage & Collectible Cars and Motorbikes, Market Stalls, Children’s Amusements, Fashion Parade and assorted displays, Saturday night chainsaw and crosscut races with a live band.


Raglan 2016 (1778)

Kim Rolph Smith in his T-28D Trojan VH-TRO Tucks its gear up for an afternoon display!


As it is a 2 day event, attendees make the most out of the weekend by staying and camping from the Friday to Sunday either under the wing of the aircraft they fly in on, or in the designated caming area on the opposite side of the airstrip. All toilet/shower amenities are taken care of including AvGas and the Licenced Bar!

On top of the relaxed atmosphere, great hospitality and friendliness, the best part I believe about this event is that the airfield is open to the public and you can get right up close to most aircraft, close enough to touch them or to get some great photo’s and even talk to the owners about their pride and joy! This years planned event on the 27th & 28th May 2017 is hoped to bring the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes, Matt Hall Racing, Paul Bennet Airshows, Capricorn Rescue Helicopter Service and other regular exciting aviators.

Please take a moment to review some of many photos I captured from last years event and I hope to see you there!!


Raglan 2016 (2095)

Paul Bennet mid way through one of his spectacular low level displays!


Raglan 2016 (56)

Fokker DR.1 – On display for plenty to admire close up!


Raglan 2016 (2313)

Polish MIG-15 VH-DIE owned by Richard McDonald Lights the fires on dusk and runs the engine up for the crowd!


Raglan 2016 (1039)

Aussie Red Bull Air Race Pilot, Matt Hall Wow’s the crowd with his high performance fast paced display!


Raglan 2016 (205)

RACQ’s Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service VH-EPR performing a flyover before landing at Old Station.


Raglan 2016 (22)

Yakovlev Yak-54B VH-YAQ waits patiently for its next flight!


Raglan 2016 (1441)

Paul Bennet’s Grumman Avenger VH-MML turning in for another mock bombing run!


Raglan 2016 (1479)

Pyrotechnics in conjunction with the Avenger’s display!


Raglan 2016 (1239)

Matt Hall throwing the Extra around the skies!


Raglan 2016 (81)

Warbird CAC CA-16 Wirraway VH-MFW


Raglan 2016 (344)

Paul Bennet passing the field in his spirited display!


Raglan 2016 (1644)

R-Mach Aviation displaying the capability of the PZL-Mielec M-18B Dromader – VH-MDR


Raglan 2016 (1389)

Grumman Avenger departing Old Station Airfield for its display.


Raglan 2016 (2206)

Smoke On!


Raglan 2016 (811)

Another angle of the Fokker DR.1


Raglan 2016 (2066)

Troy from Aerotrek Aventure Flights flying his USAF T-34 Mentor VH-XUS over the crowd in his display


Raglan 2016 (541)

Skies were perfect for aerobatic displays! – Paul Bennet Airshows Wolf Pitts Pro & Yak52


Raglan 2016 (2400)

McDermott Aviation Aerospatiale Dauphin VH-NAR Closed up for the eveneing


Raglan 2016 (1818)

VH-TRO performing a wing over!


Raglan 2016 (1628)

SuperStol aircraft taxiing – This aircraft showed its amazing capability with it Short Take Off & Landing!


Raglan 2016 (2335)

Matt Halls Office – Extra EA300L VH-IOG


Raglan 2016 (1690)






More Pictures below in the slideshow!