Cut away of the Griffon at RAF Coningsby.

The Avro Shackleton based at the Classic Air Force Airbase at Coventry Airport in the UK is being prepared to be returned to the air by the Shackleton Preservation Trust (see link at bottom). She is at a point where all four of her Rolls Royce Griffon engines can be run up.

Take a glance at the video below to hear the sweet sound of these big V12 engines. Each Griffon is a mere 2,239 cubic inches and pushes out through the contra rotating blades 2,435 horsepower each.


Rolls Royce Griffon engine at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

Developed from the Lancaster and the Lincoln the aircraft was utilised by the RAF and the SAAF from the early 1950’s with the last of these leaving RAF service in 1991, the 8 units owned by the SAAF having already been retired in 1984. Used as a maritime patrol and sub hunter/destroyer as well as other rolls including Search and Rescue and as an early warning platform that was replaced by the E-3 Sentry. They had a bomb load capacity of 10,000 lbs. (just under 5 tonne) and were once armed with the Lulu nuclear depth charge.

Whilst 185 where built, there is only one airworthy version of this type in the world currently and that as an aircraft known as Pelican 22 based in South Africa.


Cut away of the Rolls Royce Griffon engine at Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Coningsby.



Two sets of three contra rotating blades on each engine.


G-SKTN on display at Classic Air Force Airbase, Coventry.

Play it LOUD OK?!


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