Rare opportunity to secure a seat in a Mustang.

Mustang flights, based at Caboolture in Queensland, Australia are the proud owners and operators of a very rare Mustang. The ex RAAF aircraft that saw service in post WWII Japan and Korea has been rebuilt so that a passenger can be carried in a rear seat in the cockpit.


Another ride for Snifter giving another lucky passenger the ride of their life. Image courtesy of Mustang Flights

As part of ‘Snifter’s effort to attend Warbirds Downunder Airshow on the 20th and 21st of November, Mustang Flights are giving you the opportunity to bid in an auction to get in her back seat for part of what will be an amazing trip.

Mustang Flights have put out the following:

If anyone is interested in a hugely discounted Mustang flight.

Mustang Flights will be heading to the Warbirds Downunder Temora Airshow.

Each of the transit flights will be available in the P51D/CA18 via silent auction.

Southbound transit is scheduled around 18th November 2015.

Northbound transit scheduled around 25th November 2015.

Leg 1 – Caboolture to Coffs Harbour 194nm
Leg 2 – Coffs Harbour to Maitland 165nm
Leg 3 – Maitland to Temora 250nm
Leg 4 – Temora to Maitland 250nm
Leg 5 – Maitland to Coffs Harbour 165nm
Leg 6 – Coffs Harbour to Caboolture 194nm

** All flights will be around the one hour mark
*** Normal price would be $5,000 per leg
**** Silent reserves apply
***** Bidders will be notified if they become outbid

Submit your bid to info@mustangflights.com
Please state which leg you are bidding for.

Bid now for the flight of a lifetime at a massively discounted rate.

E – info@mustangflights.com
P – +61 410 325 644


Snifter looking sad as she flies with an empty back seat. Image courtesy of Mustang Flights

Go on … put in a bid … you know you want to!!






For further details on other available flights packages or for more information about the aircraft, please visit http://www.mustangflights.com/


All images in this article supplied by Mustang Flights.