On Thursday 17th December the Pacific Dakota Restorations Dak performed her last pre-restoration engine run up, this time to the pleasant backdrop of a Queensland sunset.

As a small celebration of the 80th birthday of the types first flight, and the arrival twelve months ago at Caboolture of this aircraft, the engines on this soon to be restored Dak were run a number of times by the engineering staff. (with only a small amount of flames 🙂 check out our Instagram video here)


Pacific Dakota Restorations C-47 Dak

When the restoration gets under way Dave Kingshott from Pacific Dakota Restorations will be keen to hear from anyone with the passion and skills to assist to return this classic old war bird to flight condition. Pacific Dakota Restorations is a non profit organisation so if you don’t have the time or the skill to help, I am sure they would appreciate any and all contributions.


This aircraft is in surprisingly good condition given its age and history.


The restoration plans to have the aircraft flying within a couple of years from now and we here at ASO will keep you updated on her progress.


Dave hopes to inspire young people into pursuing their dreams with this restoration project.








Dave Kingshott looks on as the team fire the engines again.


The beautiful music of two big radials winding up.


A couple of years and a whole lot of hard work will see this aircraft return to the sky.