USAF F-22 Raptor

USAF F-22 Raptor

Recently ASO ran a warbirds photo competition in the run up to Warbirds Downunder at Temora. The winner of that competition was Cam Hadlow from Hobart, Tasmania. As part of the prize for our warbirds photo competition ASO have promised to do an article on Cam and his aviation photography.

Firstly how do you find him?

You can find Cam’s Facebook Photo page here

Cam’s rather cool looking website can be located here.

I asked Cam some hard hitting questions and the following interview is what happened. All of the photographs on this page are Cam’s work. I think you will all agree Cam has a great eye and produces some smashing aviation photography.


RAAF Roulettes captured by Cam Hadlow

The Tough Questions.

ASO: Do you have a preference for Props or Jets?

Cam: I have a great love of aviation in general. However, over the years the vast majority of my Aviation Photography has been of commercial aircraft at airports around the globe.
I really do love all types of aircraft, but if I had to choose one I would go out of the way to get, that would be Military jets.
ASO: Do you prefer civil, military or warbird photography?
Cam: I have all these in my library and love them all. The wonderful colour schemes of todays airlines, beautiful vintage warbirds and the awesome military hardware …what’s not to love!
ASO: Canon or Nikon?
Cam: Very interesting. I have been a Canon user all my life and they never let me down once. That being said I am currently using Sony Full-frame as Im very interested in their development of the Mirrorless bodies in such a compact body. I am absolutely loving the quality of my A7RII produces – I havent yet shot any aviation with this body as its fairly new. Ill definitely be interested to see how it performs.

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ASO: What gear do you have in your kit when you shoot aviation?
Cam: While shooting with Canon I used a Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II as my most recent bodies. Normally I would have the 70-200 2.8L Lens, the new 100-400 L II Lens (which is remarkable compared to the original  which was less than satisfactory IHO) and wide-angle for static and close-up shots.
CAC Mustang

CAC Mustang

ASO: What’s your favourite piece of kit at the moment
Cam: Right now Im absolutely loving the new Sony A7R II Camera. Im still coming to terms with having used Canon all my life and trying to make the Sony do what I want it to do as their menus are a little confusing at times … all part of the learning experience. 
ASO: Do you shoot in RAW?
Cam: I always shoot exclusively in RAW and have never shot anything else since I switched to Digital.
ASO: How long have you been shooting aviation?
Cam: I have loved aircraft since I was a child, and took photos of aircraft with my very first Snappy Camera when I was a kid. During my I have been very fortunate to have worked for TAA, Australian Airlines and Qantas which enabled me to travel and visit airports around the globe. I would say that I’ve seriously been shooting aviation for around 30 years.
Pokemon paint job.

ANA 747 with one of the brightest liveries I’ve ever seen

ASO: Do you shoot professionally and how much of that is aviation?
Cam: I am currently a full member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and I shoot a wide variety of subjects. Aviation photography has always been more of a hobby and passion so not much in the line of professional aviation photo jobs.
ASO: Have you been published or do you self-publish?
Cam: I used to submit photos to various aviation magazines and had images published, now I mostly sell my work privately through my website and Facebook contacts.
Classic Hornet of the RAAF ripping it up!Hornet of the RAAF ripping it up!sic

Classic Hornet of the RAAF ripping it up!

ASO: What’s your favourite aircraft that you have photographed and why?
Cam: Well unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my all-time favourite aircraft as they are now retired from active service and only a few are scattered around the US in various museums. I’m talking about the Grumman F-14 Tomcat .I have loved this awesome aircraft since I was a kid and growing up watching Top Gun more times than I can count. At least I was able to see and touch one when the USS Enterprise visited Hobart way back in 1976. 
Of aircraft I have photographed, I love the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747. They have always amazed me with their size and power, and from a photography point of view, their distinct shape is wonderful from so many different angles. No matter how many times I have watched, and photographed these aircraft, for me watching a fully laden long-haul 747 flex her wings after rotating is indeed a sight to behold.
ASO: Who is your favourite aviation photographer/s or who do you most draw your inspiration from?
Cam: Without any question my long time friend, and work colleague Rob Finlayson. We worked at the airlines together, have shared many a glass of red watching slides from around the globe, and have also travelled together to pursue our passion of aircraft photography. Robs vast collection is an inspiration, and must surely be one of the most extensive civil aviation collections from any photographer in the world. 
ASO: What’s your most memorable experience associated with aviation photography?
Cam: That’s a tough one. Probably having one of my images selected by the RAAF Roulettes Team to be used as their promotional poster for the upcoming display season. (Photo attached) That was a very nice surprise. A close second would be watching and photographing the beautiful Concorde.

RAAF Super Hornet F/A-18F lifting with a load on.

ASO: If you could shoot any aircraft from any era what would it be? 
Cam: Pretty sure you know the answer to this one already. What I would give to be able have spent some time on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier and experience carrier operations launching and recovering my beloved F-14 Tomcat’s. That must surely be one of the most extreme, dangerous and spectacular forms of aviation ever.

The flash of colour that is the RSAF Black Knights


KLM big bird sharing the frame with the Moon


Super Battle Break

Well there you have it …ASO’s first Aviation Photographer review. I hope you found it interesting. ASO would like to again congratulate Cam on winning our little competition. I would also like thank Cam for participating in this interview.

If any of you out there have questions for Cam about anything you’ve read here … please place it in the comments below and don’t forget to go and have a look at his website and Facebook from the links at top..


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