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A Day with the RAAF Roulette’s Video.

Back in February ASO spent a day with the RAAF Roulette’s and as the year end’s and Squadron Leader Paul “Bones” Henry finishes as Roulette 1 so there is no better time to release the video from the day by team member Mark Pourzenic. You can also go over the article Mark wrote about the day by clicking this link¬†http://aviationspottersonline.com/a-day-in-the-life-of-the-roulettes/

There is two videos ,

Part 1



Part 2




  1. Personally, I would have delivered aornud 75 incrementally upgraded F-15AU to RAAF at the get go (instead of 60 Supers, or 100 F-35s), starting aornud 2010, as AUS’s more prudent and strategic recap plan.That, coupled with some UAV assets for long endurance maritime patrol.going forward however… I seriously think the most strategic and most calculated plan would be to secure a long-term low-cost advanced Super Hornet procurement option. i.e., low ball the hell out of Boeing. Use every bluff in the book, as well as realistic alternative options.The offset however, would be in the systems this follow-on Super Hornet will employ, as well as the jointly-developed next-gen stand-off munitions.That component of the equation will be necessary if to remain relevant at all going forward.Contemplate something like: block II+ Super (with Type IV mission computer), complete with CFT and IRST-tank. Add next-gen APG-79 upgrade capabilities (passive and active). Top off with joint-developed asymmetrical next-gen munitions such as a multi-mission AIM-174 (w/ dual-sensor), plus, perhaps the proposed Air-Air Stunner round (as reportedly required as an advanced jointly-developed (Raytheon/Rafael) medium range replacement for the AMRAAM).Add an Elta self-protection jamming pod to a fuselage station, with the other fuselage station incorporating a MALD-J?This bird couldn’t be evading missile shots when doing Mach 1.5 at 40k feet, nor could it make sustained high-G turns or high rate of climb — both helpful for air supremacy. Yet, if carefully and cleverly adapted, it would truly game-change capabilities over the current expected F-35 bird expected by aornud 2018 in any hypothetical FY18 Red Flag. This SUper+ Hornet would cleanly own a block III F-35 with standard systems and 4x AIM-120D.

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