One of the Temora spitfires launching into the late arvo sun.

Bringing the thunder.

On the 20th and 21st of November the sky over Temora, NSW erupted to the sound of V12, radial and jet engines as over 70 aircraft ranging from bi-planes to the current RAAF front line fighters filled the air with the sounds and smells of arguably Australia’s premier warbird show, Temora Aviation Museum’s Warbirds Downunder.

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Turning the big radial over on the Corsair


One of the Harvards of the Southern Knights rolling out to a sunset display.

This is the first time the show has included a Friday night display and although it had its challenges with the weather reaching 40 degrees on the day and winds to strong to allow the show to start on time … when it did start the crowd were treated to something special.


Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII – Grey Nurse

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The RAAF bringing their own thunder.

Due to the challenging conditions the first aircraft to display was the RAAF F/A-18 Hornet as it arrived filling the sky with the unmistakable noise of afterburners.

After some short delays due to the conditions the remaining Friday night program kicked off.

See HERE  for our detailed article on the Friday night display.


Some very nice radial action along the static display line.









Saturday’s Display.

Saturday morning arrived with a much more pleasant temperature from the preceding 4 days of above 40 degrees C. This was no doubt a welcome relief for the organisers as well as the display pilots and the 20,000 odd punters that had travelled from far and wide. The day started with a steady pace that involved a substantial amount of canvas and progressed steadily as the day went on.

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The elegant Dragonfly gracing the sky.

P-40F Merlin engined Kittyhawk

P-40F Merlin engined Kittyhawk

CA-18 Mustang 'Snifter' escorts the 'Grey Nurse' shark baring her teeth.

CA-18 Mustang ‘Snifter’ escorts the ‘Grey Nurse’ shark baring her teeth.

The Saturday brought with it a beautiful clear blue sky to showcase the display aircraft against. A symphony of piston powered fighters graced the sky before making way for the grace of the Cessna Dragonfly.

You can see more images from the Dragonfly display HERE.


Getting up close and personal with the Corsair.

The RAAF Roulettes showing their usual precision

The RAAF Roulettes showing their usual precision


ex RAAF Auster Mk. III, A11-33 looking very tidy and well maintained given her 70 year age. .


The ever precise and beautifully sounding Harvards of the Southern Knights.








Heritage Trainers Formation Team

Heritage Trainers Formation Team

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The de Havilland DH-82A with her Gipsy Major I engine producing and impressive 97 kW … OK not quite thunder … but as the oldest airworthy example of its type in Australia  … still impressive.


Boomer! The CAC Boomerang. Click the link beside this image to hear her howl!


   CAC Boomerang Video

If you feeling the need for some radial therapy I suggest you click the link below which will take you to a short clip that was shot during Warbirds Downunder’s Saturday display and lets you hear this awesome little radial in action in a dive right over your head. The video quality isnt much but the sound is awesome … play it loud OK?

Click HERE.

CAC CA-13 Boomerang

CAC CA-13 Boomerang


You can almost feel the pilot’s concentration … intense? Hell yes!

T-6 Harvards in action

T-6 Harvards in action

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Roulettes performed their classic bomb blast maneuver



Team work at it best









RAAF Roulettes sharp and crisp








Stinson Reliant in all her glory.

Stinson Reliant in all her glory.


The Tojo Busters – Lockheed Hudson with her bomb bay doors wide open.


The crowd enjoying the show

The crowd enjoying the show

Boeing Stearman

Boeing Stearman

As the day went on and the temperature rose again, so to the action heated up!


A moment in time, bridging the years of front line fighter service to Australia.

CAC Sabre is always an welcome sight in the skies.

CAC Sabre is always an welcome sight in the skies.


The Russian Roolettes put on a spirited show even with one of their number tech’d out.



Yak-3 ‘Steadfast’ pouring on some of the power she is famous for.









Matt Hall showing his Red Bull Air Race competitive edge.






Matt Hall ripping up the sky

Matt Hall ripping up the sky



The RAAF’s sensational C-17 being thrown around the sky in a precise and professional manner.


The RAAF’s other heavy metal, the E-7A Wedgetail, was on task to support the show with all of its high tech hardware bristling.

P-51D Mustang

P-51D Mustang

The Gun Fighters

The Gun Fighters

Our friend having a rest .

Our friend having a rest .

F/A-18B Hornet 2OCU with the cans lit

F/A-18B Hornet 2OCU with the cans lit

F/A-18B Hornet 2OCU finishes the show in style

F/A-18B Hornet 2OCU finishes the show in style

So who is ready for the next Warbirds Downunder in 2017 ? I know we are .


ASO Team would like to thank everyone who made this event go so smoothly and to the team at Temora Aviation Museum for their effort in making and putting together the biggest Warbird Airshow in the Southern Hemisphere.

Warbirds Downunder 2015 DVD now available.

If your keen to get yourself a copy of the Warbirds Downunder DVD you can buy it direct from the Temora Aviation Museum.


Words by Mark Jessop and Leigh Atkinson

Images by ASO team members Peter Chrismas, Leigh Atkinson and Mark Jessop