At this time of the year Australian’s thoughts are commonly of the men and women who have served our country on the ground, in conflicts from Papua New Guinea, France and Africa. Images of trenches or muddied tropical tracks or desert warfare with tanks or horses. At Caboolture airfield over this past weekend there was a focus on the our serving personel that took to the skies in every conflict Australia has been involved in throughout the first three quaters of last century.


TAVAS’s Fokker Dr1 and the Bristol F.2b dog fight over the Caboolture airfield.


The Australian Vintage Aviation Society (TAVAS) hosted the Great War Flying Display. TAVAS’s flying collection of WW1 era aircraft is the best in the country and this collection was complimented by aircraft used in every major conflict from WW1 through to Vietnam. The display weekend was an excellent segway into ANZAC day and was well supported by all of the museums and vintage aircraft maintainers based at Caboolture as well as plenty of local and visiting aircraft. 


T-34 Mentor, US Navy NSJ and CAC Wirraway formation.


De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth gracing the skies over Caboolture.




Fokker D.VIII with its rotary engine is always interesting to watch start and run. Running on castor oil and without a throttle its an interesting aircraft to listen to and watch fly.


The early morning light on the old type was delightful.



A view of the airshow from the air.


Fokker Dr.1 returns after another display



One of the faster displays of the day was by the Archerfield based P-51 “The Flying Undertaker” from Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights.



Gunner at the ready in the Bristol.


DHC-1 Chipmunks

An interesting contrast to all the canvas and wood of the early 20th century is the RAN’s new Seahawk Romeo MH-60R. It made a welcome appearance on both days of the show. 


RAN MH-60R Seahawk


Royal Australian Navy MH-60R Seahawk



Stinson Sentinal with Warwick Henry at the controls.


The last word belongs to the TAVAS collection … lest we forget.