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F/A-18A Hornet Onboard Video V8 Supercars Clipsal 500.

With all of South Australia having no power due to the biggest storm in maybe 100 years there could be no better time on “Throw Back Thursday” to release some awesome video footage from the 2016 V8 Supercars Clipsal 500. The pilot is from SA and he sure does do[…]

Heads Up : Australian Defence Force Academy Open Day

Heads up for some ADF flying today in Canberra. What: Flying activity will be conducted over the ADFA Parade Ground at Northcott Drive, Campbell, ACT. When: Navy Helicopters will arrive from Friday 26 August 2016 at approximately 3:00-5pm and depart on Saturday 27 August 2016 at approximately 4:30pm. The Roulettes[…]

Some going’s on at the Australian International Air Show 2015.

Mark Pourzenic has put together another short clip from the multitude of aircraft movements that happen daily at the Australian International Airshow which was held at Avalon Airport 2015. ASO will be bringing you lots more videos in the lead up to the 2017 Australian International Airshow held early next[…]

A flight back in time. Flying in the Douglas DC-3/C-47 VH-AES ‘Hawdon’

Let’s take a step back in time, it’s back to 1941, war is raging and as the United States has now formally entered the war after being attacked at Pearl Harbour by the Japanese Imperial Navy and suffering heavy casualties and losses, the American War machine is now in full[…]

RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet Avalon Airshow 2015

During the 2015 Australian International Airshow, held at Avalon Airport near Geelong Victoria, many RAAF asset’s where on display on the ground and in the air, and none impressed the punter’s more than the RAAF 6 Squadron F/A-18F Super Hornet’s, with their spectacular take-off sequence’s and ground attack demonstrations and[…]

Royal Australian Air Force Air Mobility Group Avalon 2015

A quick grab of the RAAF’s Air Mobility Group in action during the trade and public day’s during the 2015 Australian International Airshow, held at Avalon Airport near Geelong,Victoria. ASO’s Videographer Mark Pourzenic will bring this small feature to life showing you how the RAAF’s Air Mobility Group’s asset’s work’s[…]

Australian International Airshow, Avalon 2015 .Trade Day Number 2

The 2nd Trade Day at the Australian International Airshow held at Avalon Airport, Geelong , Victoria from February 24-March 1 2015. This clip has a taste of morning arrivals and visiting aircraft that build’s by the day in anticipation for the main Air Show which happens on the Friday afternoon,[…]

Past and Present at Avalon 2015

The Friday afternoon at the Australian International Airshow had most, if not all aviation enthusiast’s excited as many rare and unique formations of former and current RAAF fighter aircraft took the skies for formation fly over’s and handling display’s. Here you’ll see the RAAF’s frontline F/A-18A Hornet in company with[…]

Aerial Firefighting Demonstration Avalon Airshow 2015

During the 2015 Australian International Airshow, the Friday night show was quite unique. On show where some of the aerial firefighting assets that were in the country hired out at the disposal of the Victorian and New South Wales state governments to help fight any major fire that may threaten[…]

ARMY Red Berets Open WOI2016.

With Wings Over Illawarra 2016 is all wrapped up for another year! The ASO team is also very wrapped to have had the opportunity to cover this great event. With so much content to get out we think maybe we can tease you , so why not start at the beginning[…]