Ever wanted to chip in and be a big part of saving and restoring a piece of classic Australian aviation history?

Australian National Aviation Museum in Moorabbin, Victoria is in negotiation with a current owner of the Australian built Mustang A68-71. This CAC built CA-17 is the oldest CAC built Mustang in Australia. The aircraft will help make the ANAM’s one of the largest and oldest collections of Australian built and manufactured aircraft anywhere.

What can you do to help?

AN acquisition like this … an important piece of Aussie aviation … doesn’t come cheap. The museum is looking for investors to assist them to purchase the airframe from a private buyer. The museum is offering a 2 year bond to investors willing to assist with the purchase. Pledges for these bonds will be accepted from $500 and up and given that this is a substantial investment any larger investors would be surely welcomed.

THe Chairman of the Museum Ashley Briggs said in a recent email to members “This year, being the 80th anniversary of the CAC, it would be perfect to have the Mustang on display at the reunion day for ex employees. However we cannot do this alone. A number of us are working every spare hour to make this project come together but we need your help. To those that have not pledged or are still thinking about it, now is the time to step up and be a part of this team and help us achieve an incredible milestone.”

Interested investors and those wanting to contribute to securing this important piece of Australian history should contact the Museum Chairman:

Ashley Briggs on email chairman@aarg.com.au or phone 0423 559 154 if you have any queries or wish to help.