2019 update – Fly in dates 12th and 13th of Jan 2019

Great Eastern Fly In 2018

The 6th and 7th of January 2018 saw a diverse collection of aircraft gather at the Evans Head Memorial Airfield for the Great Eastern Fly In. The two day show features some classic historic aircraft both as fly in visitors and display aircraft. All of the featured aerial displays had something special about them. From the power of Steadfast to the airfield attack by the T-28 Trojan. Plenty going on with lots of aircraft landing and taking off. On top of that all of the displayed aircraft are two seaters and available for adventure flights. Additionally the airshow is supported by a market on the Saturday and a fabulous show and shine car show on the Sunday.

Take a wander through the images below that highlight the two days of this friendly air show.


Ex RAAF Winjeel taxiing out for another of many flights over the weekend.


Steadfast … launching …. smoke on!


One delightful V12 among all of that radial beauty.


Some of the relaxed crowd enjoying the beautiful weather and aviation thrills.



Mark Awad launching in his ex-RAAF CA-25 Winjeel


A 1941 DH-82 Tiger Moth VH-FAG (ex A17-316) … one of the many delightful fly in visitors during the air show.


As always one of the most impressive displays is Cameron Rolph-Smith in his Yak-52. The first time I saw Cameron display this aircraft it changed my perception of the Yak-52. The Yak offers +7/-5G and this guy certainly knows how to get the most out of his aircraft. Always great fun to watch!


Cam Rolph-Smith pushing his Yak-52 nice and hard (as always)




The classic looking but very modern Waco.



The SNJ from Caboolture. This is a great sounding aircraft and beautifully presented.


Littl’ Jugs

This Ex-USAF T28A Trojan started service with the USAF back in 1951. Looks like it had an interesting life being stolen out of storage in the mid 60’s and sold off illegally to the Haitian Air Force. Later returning to the US in 1970 under private registration Littl’ Jugs landed here in Australia in 2011.  During the air show the Trojan performed a simulated airfield attack … love that radial noise.


T-28 Trojan “Littl Jugs” screams down the runway heading out to perform it simulated air field attack.



T-28 Trojan performing a simulated airfield attack.


P-51D Mustang- The Flying Undertaker

The Great Eastern Fly In was a real “radial fest” (which is awesome …!) but among all that round engine goodness was another stand out classic all of its own. The delightful note of the Packard built Merlin engine in the Mustang never gets old. The noise as this beauty winds up for a fast pass still gives me a shiver. Pilot Cameron Rolph-Smith knows how to show this classic piece of hardware off to the best of its high performance abilities. 


P-51 Mustang “The Flying Undertaker” taxiing after another adventure flight



Sweeping high speed pass of this beautiful piece of aviation history.


Rolling over the top.


A classic Black and White treatment for an aviation classic.



Shot at 1/125 Sec (not exactly slow for a panning shot)




“The Flying Undertaker” in full flight and all her glory.





Steadfast … this aircraft is a beast. Multi world record holder (including the speed record for its class at 655km/h), custom built ex-Reno racer built on a Yak 3 air frame. Fast, loud and a damn fine looking aircraft. She is powered by a 1750hp Pratt and Whitney R2000 engine. With the addition of the wingtip smoke generators this aircraft is a ‘must see’ if you get the chance. In the hands of experienced Pilot James Crockett this hotted up Russian fighter is a real joy to watch and hear. Of course she is a two seater as well … so for a few Rubles you can get a real taste of that speed and 4G maneuverability.  


Some of what we have come to expect from a “Steadfast” display.


The powerhouse of this custom Yak-3, the 1750 HP R2000 radial.


James Crocket taking Steadfast … fast and furious.


Steadfast … up and over.


James getting Steadfast all fired up!


The belly of the beast … Yak-3 Steadfast showing her profile.

Fly in Visitors

Along with the displaying aircraft there were a mix of numerous GA, Warbirds and vintage traffic coming and going during the day. From From Tiger Moths to Yaks to Bonanzas.


The DH-60M Moth launches into the Saturday afternoon sky.


During the air show there are constantly helicopters coming and going providing joy flights. Here VH-MNZ a Bell 47G heads out with another load of happy passengers.



V Tail bonanza cruising in to Evans Head.




The air show was well support by Emergency Services both on the ground and in the air.




Mark Awad again this time cruising past the moon.


The dates are all set for next year’s Great Eastern Fly In at Evans Head. It will be the 12th and 13th of January 2019.

I would highly recommend you go and check it out if you’re close by. 

For details you can keep a follow The Great Eastern Fly In on their Facebook page HERE 

For a two minute video rundown of a selection of images from the airshow take a quick look at this link