On Friday, 24th June, 76 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, conducted a flying display to mark the graduation of the latest 12 fast jet students (two Weapons Systems Officers and 10 new Pilots) and to give the family of squadron personnel a chance to see what their jobs are all about.Mottys-Photo_2016_06_24_0309-DTLR-1-001-ASO

The display began with the launch of 10 Hawks, three of which shortly returned for a few passes in formation before a solo machine peeled off to give a dynamic handling display.Mottys-Photo_2016_06_24_0029-DTLR-1-001-ASO




As the solo machine disappeared at the end of its display, all three machines “popped up” and performed an airfield attack on the squadron lines then returned for a low level initial-and-pitch to land.Mottys-Photo_2016_06_24_0453-DTLR-1-001-ASO



The remaining seven machines then returned as a formation of six with the seventh as a photo-ship, to perform two flypasts before separating and also returning for a low level entry into the circuit.Mottys-Photo_2016_06_24_0676-DTLR-1-001-ASO



The recently graduated aircrew will go on to either F35 JSF training, E/A-18G Growler training or to Number 2 Operational Conversion Unit for F/A-18A training.