Now that ASO is live with the brand new 360Fly HD video camera we will start releasing a lot more video from onboard all the different aircraft we have had the camera in. So sit back and enjoy this new way of seeing a view that was not possible unless you where on the aircraft.

Here we have the Russian Roolettes going over their 6 ship formation flight in preparation for their display at Warbirds Downunder 2015 at Temora Aviation Museum. It’s not until you see onboard footage like this can you really see just how much is going on and just how close they all are. Remember the camera is showing you a very wide field of view like human vision so the aircraft are a lot closer than you think.

Our pilot for this view is Sean ” T-Tail ” Trestrail who is an Ex-fast jet pilot and now an A380 captain.

You might have to watch the clip a few times as every time you will see something new and once you get yourself a VR headset then it’s about as close as you can ever get to being in the aircraft.


ASO will be selling these cameras very soon as well as all the accessories like headsets to take you to an experience like never before.