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Australian Fire Season 2017/18 Overview

Fire Season 2017-18 Overview Aerial Fire Fighting in Australia This fire season has again brought out the importance of the fleet of Aerial Fire Fighting appliances. They work alongside the men and women on the ground operating the trucks, bulldozers and importantly the fire hoses. No sooner had the 2017[…]

Catastrophic Fire Conditions Today, NSW.

For the first time since 2013 parts of NSW has been declared on the NSWRFS fire warning scale as “Catastrophic Fire Conditions “.  From the southern parts of NSW which are mainly in the “High” or “Very High” rating it goes from midway to the Northern Boarder where it’s “Severe”, “Extreme” or “Catastrophic”. These conditions are VERY RARE but[…]

NSWRFS Aerial Fire Assets Ready for Action!

The 1st of October is the start of the fire season in New South Wales, Australia and to mark this day the NSW Rural Fire Service have showcased some of the new aerial assets they are using to help fight fires this season. The event was held at the Penrith Regatta Center home of the[…]