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RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet Avalon Airshow 2015

During the 2015 Australian International Airshow, held at Avalon Airport near Geelong Victoria, many RAAF asset’s where on display on the ground and in the air, and none impressed the punter’s more than the RAAF 6 Squadron F/A-18F Super Hornet’s, with their spectacular take-off sequence’s and ground attack demonstrations and[…]

Royal Australian Air Force Air Mobility Group Avalon 2015

A quick grab of the RAAF’s Air Mobility Group in action during the trade and public day’s during the 2015 Australian International Airshow, held at Avalon Airport near Geelong,Victoria. ASO’s Videographer Mark Pourzenic will bring this small feature to life showing you how the RAAF’s Air Mobility Group’s asset’s work’s[…]

Aerial Firefighting Demonstration Avalon Airshow 2015

During the 2015 Australian International Airshow, the Friday night show was quite unique. On show where some of the aerial firefighting assets that were in the country hired out at the disposal of the Victorian and New South Wales state governments to help fight any major fire that may threaten[…]

An Afternoon on the Hill, Avalon Airshow 2015.

A taste of some action from the RAAF’s 6 Squadron Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet’s tearing up the sky during the Australian International Airshow held at Avalon Airport in Victoria. Adding to the trio of Super Hornet’s was an Airbus KC-30A Multi-role tanker transport aircraft from 33 Squadron, which along with[…]

Paul Bennet Airshows, Aerobatic Ambassadors.

The small, bright yellow biplane seems to hang in the air, almost on its side, just feet above the ground and trailing a long plume of white smoke, with the name emblazoned across the top wing leaving no doubt over who is responsible for such an impressive display of aerobatic[…]

Australian International Air Show Trade Day 1.

  The Australian International Airshow which is a biannual event held at Avalon Airport, Geelong Victoria. Hosted and run by Airshows DownUnder it attracts thousands of trade visitors and public ,including rare types of aircraft not often seen here in Australia. Highlights from the first trade day.¬†Filmed ,edited and produced[…]


QANTAS’s 747, The Queen of the skies

If there was an example of a type of aircraft which shrunk the globe and brought air travel to the people, it was the Boeing Company SEVEN FOURTY SEVEN or as the public call it, the Jumbo Jet. To most though it’s the 747.  For many airlines including our own[…]

Exercise High Sierra 2019 – 2OCU Return To The Hornets Nest.

“The last ever RAAF  ‘Classic’  Hornet Operational Conversion Course” Aviation Spotters Online had the privilege of invitation to attend the return of the Royal Australian Air Force’s,  Number 2 Operational Conversion Unit back to RAAF Base Williamtown in Newcastle, Thursday December 5th 2019.  This  momentous  occasion was to witness the[…]

Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 – USAF McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender Media Flight

Exercise Talisman Sabre  is a bilateral, biennial combined major training exercise between Australia and the United States.  The aim of the exercise is to strengthen the resolve between the military services of Australia and the United States, through combined and Joint Task Force operations, resulting in improved combat readiness and[…]

Flying with the Royal Malaysian Air Force in the Airbus A400M Atlas

In this the first of our Australian International Air Show articles we focus on an aircraft type that has previously visited the Australian International Air Show. The Airbus Defence and Space Military aircraft, the A400M Atlas. It was again part of the line up to be displayed among the other[…]