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Catalina landing on Lake Wanaka

As part of the biennial Warbirds Over Wanaka air show in New Zealand which is on this weekend, the team managing the airshow put together a small thank you to the Wanaka locals in the form of a free mini airshow over the picturesque lake that their town is named after.

PBY Catalina on approach over Wanaka. Preparing to land on the lake.

What made this air display special was the inclusion of a number of water landing aircraft including a PBY Catalina. The Catalina landing into the late afternoon sun.

Before taking off again the Cat cruised past the thousands of Wanaka residents and visitors lining the shores of the lake.

Wanaka residents and visitors line the lake to watch the PBY Catalina land.
PBY Catalina landing on Lake Wanaka during Warbirds Over Wanaka
PBY Catalina gliding to along as she lands on Lake Wanaka.

While the Catalina was on the water other aircraft displayed overhead including a vampire.

Vampire flying over the town and Lake Wanaka
Cat on departure from Lake Wanaka


PBY Catalina launching from Lake Wanaka, NZ
Lifting into late afternoon sun off Lake Wanaka
‘Pretty departure’ – The PBY Catalina lifts off Lake Wanaka into some of the magnificent scenery.
Some of the float craft that landed on the lake during the display.
One last pass over the town before returning to Wanaka Airport.


Warbirds Over Wanaka is held biennial on the Saturday and Sunday over Easter. More information is available on Warbirds Over Wanaka website.


  1. Nice pictures, thanks.
    It is a bit surprising to see that you say that Warbirds over Wanaka is to be held twice a year. I wish it was so. I think you meant WoW is held biennially i.e. every second year. There is a big difference.

  2. Those mountain backdrops are spectacular, and its always a treat to see a Catalina in its element.
    [P.S. A minor correction, biannual means twice per year, it should be biennial.]

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