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Warbirds return to New Guinea

In September of this year a significant event occurred in Australia and Papua New Guinea which passed by largely unnoticed or acknowledged in the mainstream media. Paul Bennet and the team from Paul Bennet Airshows, including pilots Glenn Graham, Glenn Collins, Paul Goard and Chris Tibbets, took their Pitts Special, Yak-52,[…]

First look on the inside … NSWRFS Airtankers

Thor and Southern Belle up close and Personal Given the extreme weather conditions faced by a number of Australian states today there is a very real likelihood that the country’s current batch of aerial assets could be called into play. NSWRFS has a number of key assets including the DC-10 Southern[…]

Bombardier among the Temora Warbirds.

Among the more expected arrivals to Temora for Warbirds Downunder has been the usual GA traffic and then one rather flash looking Bombadier … I wonder who that could be?  

Erickson Air Crane in Action November 2006 Part 2.

Part 2 of the action from the November 2006 Bush Fires in the upper Blue Mountains. Here you see the Air Cranes taking off from their Airbase at Medlow Airport in the upper Blue Mountains and attack the fire in the upper Grose Valley. The action went all day and[…]

Erickson Air Crane in Action November 2006 Australia Part 1.

In November 2006 Bush Fires again sweep through the upper Blue Mountains and like other years before the the Erickson Air Crane swung into action. Here in action we have N720HT “Shania” and N194AC “Delilah” working non-stop all day from a dam in the Hartley at the western base of[…]

Victorian Aerial Fire Assets Leading from the Front

With the Australia’s arid hot environment the landscape dries up quickly which means bushfires are an ever present danger. Each year state governments sign contracts which enable a range of fire fighting aerial assets to be put on alert around the state. Victoria is one state which has a very[…]

NSWRFS Aerial Fire Assets Ready for Action!

The 1st of October is the start of the fire season in New South Wales, Australia and to mark this day the NSW Rural Fire Service have showcased some of the new aerial assets they are using to help fight fires this season. The event was held at the Penrith Regatta Center home of the[…]

AWAL Formation Clinic, Kingaroy, 2015.

The Australian Warbirds Association Ltd (AWAL) recently held its first formation flying clinic for warbird owners and pilots at Kingaroy in Queensland, Australia, and Leigh and Motty from ASO were very kindly invited along for an opportunity to capture the event as well. AWAL was originally formed to provide a[…]

Travelling Spotter

UK Aviation Tour (or travel diary of a Spotter) To see the oldest post scroll to the bottom. Vulcan to The Sky Trust Office 8th September Its 5 pm and I’m walking out of the office that is the business nerve centre for the Vulcan to The Sky Trust (VTST).[…]