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Catastrophic Fire Conditions Today, NSW.

For the first time since 2013 parts of NSW has been declared on the NSWRFS fire warning scale as “Catastrophic Fire Conditions “.  From the southern parts of NSW which are mainly in the “High” or “Very High” rating it goes from midway to the Northern Boarder where it’s “Severe”, “Extreme” or “Catastrophic”. These conditions are VERY RARE but[…]

Cathay Pacific’s A350-900XWB flies into Melbourne

As Airbus A350-941 (B-LRI) Flight CX105 settled onto runway 16 on Wednesday the 1st Feb around 12:20pm, it wasn’t just another Cathay flight, it was the airlines first A350 flight into Melbourne. Another big day for this great airline. Cathay is no stranger to Melbourne and Australia for that matter, already the[…]

Victoria’s Fire Fighting Assets Stand up for Season 2016/17

It was a wet winter and an even wetter spring across most of Victoria this year. With these high levels of moisture its hardly surprising that fuel levels across the state are now high. And as the state moves into summer, Emergency Management Victoria which is the government body established[…]

Flight of the Hurricane

Mark Jessop Who says you can’t have a mini Air Show in 5 weeks time ? Well this is how the whole “Flight of the Hurricane” public flying day came about. Once the 1st 2 flights had been made the team at Vintage Fighter Restorations and owner John Brooks really[…]

Rathmines Catalina Festival 2016

An aquatic setting at a former RAAF seaplane base on Lake Macquarie with a beautiful backdrop and modern and historic aircraft displaying overhead; what’s not to enjoy? The Rathmines Catalina Festival is held to promote the history of the former RAAF flying boat base on Lake Maquarie, just south of[…]

Seattle – From The Air!

I nervously smiled as we finally lifted off the ground and departed from Boeing Field towards our first destination, Renton. The words of someone who is scared of flying? No. Just someone who has never been in a helicopter before! Those who know me would be aware that I fly[…]

Mudgee Airshow 2016.

The Texan made a spectacular sight in its bright silver, red and yellow colours, trailing a ribbon of white smoke against the crisp, clear blue autumn sky accompanied by the characteristic rasp of its radial engine and prop. Back in April the Mudgee Aeroclub held the Wings, Wheels and Wine air[…]

Paul Bennet Airshows Air-to-Air

The team at Paul Bennet Airshows seem to have an aircraft breeding program going on. They close the hangar doors at night then, in the morning, Presto! There’s a new one in there. 😉 I was recently offered the opportunity to capture the most recent additions to the roster; a[…]

Paul Bennet Airshows’ Aerobatic Weekend.

Competition aerobatics is a demanding skill, made particularly difficult due to the fact that prospective competitors are “inside” their displays and can’t actually see their routines from the ground to see how their training or practice might be progressing.  This makes any chance to get some hints and tips from[…]

A flight back in time. Flying in the Douglas DC-3/C-47 VH-AES ‘Hawdon’

Let’s take a step back in time, it’s back to 1941, war is raging and as the United States has now formally entered the war after being attacked at Pearl Harbour by the Japanese Imperial Navy and suffering heavy casualties and losses, the American War machine is now in full[…]