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Virgin Australia launches Melbourne-Hong Kong Services with a special guest!

July 5th saw yet another International service launch from Melbourne International Airport. And in what has become a common occurrence from the fantastic staff at Melbourne International Airport, the morning was launched a distinctive flair with a huge Chinese Dragon, drums and Chinese Lion following a procession of Virgin Australia[…]

Fire Season wrap up 2016-2017

They are a permanent fixture around Australia now, with fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft being stood up across the country to protect our assets. The practice of aerial fire management isn’t exactly new, Royal Australian Air Force Westland Wapiti biplanes were used by the Victorian Forest Commission in the[…]

Back to the Future…..Ruslan returns to Avalon

When the rumour mill started turning earlier this year that an Antonov AN-124 might be coming to Avalon I’ll admit I was more then a little dismissive that this would eventuate. Not since the 1992 Airshow where the giant aircraft flew a jaw dropping display had there been a Ruslan[…]

Catastrophic Fire Conditions Today, NSW.

For the first time since 2013 parts of NSW has been declared on the NSWRFS fire warning scale as “Catastrophic Fire Conditions “.  From the southern parts of NSW which are mainly in the “High” or “Very High” rating it goes from midway to the Northern Boarder where it’s “Severe”, “Extreme” or “Catastrophic”. These conditions are VERY RARE but[…]

Cathay Pacific’s A350-900XWB flies into Melbourne

As Airbus A350-941 (B-LRI) Flight CX105 settled onto runway 16 on Wednesday the 1st Feb around 12:20pm, it wasn’t just another Cathay flight, it was the airlines first A350 flight into Melbourne. Another big day for this great airline. Cathay is no stranger to Melbourne and Australia for that matter, already the[…]

Timberline Blackhawk arrives for Australian Summer.

Every year we are seeing new and exciting capabilities arrive into Australia and this year is no different. PAYS Airservice and Timberline Helicopters Incorporated have teamed up to bring out to Australia the first working civil Blackhawk, outside the United States and show case it’s capability not only in fire[…]

Victoria’s Fire Fighting Assets Stand up for Season 2016/17

It was a wet winter and an even wetter spring across most of Victoria this year. With these high levels of moisture its hardly surprising that fuel levels across the state are now high. And as the state moves into summer, Emergency Management Victoria which is the government body established[…]

Antonov Charters For Exercise Wallaby 2016, Rockhampton, Australia

    Exercise Wallaby Rockhampton Rockhampton is located a short distance from the Central Queensland coast and has what is classed as a major Australian Regional Airport. Rockhampton Airport services domestic flights from Cairns down to the Gold Coast and regularly hosts International charters as well diversions on its 2,568m[…]

Ruslan, calls into Melbourne Airport.

Ruslan (Руслан) which translates to Russian, is the name given to one of the more interesting types which was the cause of much hype for Aviation Spotters at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport this week. The mighty Antonov AN-124 ‘Condor’ a type which is seen in may airports in Europe, as it[…]